Blinds For Windows Xp : Homemade Roman Shades.

Blinds For Windows Xp

blinds for windows xp

Mars Mining Colony

Mars Mining Colony

Colony Field Report --- Med-Lab --- Dr. Wormoth --- 2.506.127

The Earth Mining Commission had finally taken control of the element harvesting project on Mars after the Estonians had given up their interest in the venture. We worked diligently for months, rebuilding the facilities and converting the ergonomics for human usage. After the retrofit was completed, we continued work on a massive vein of Plegaltonium, a mineral native to Mars, and began our project.

Work proceeded well into the New Year, and only a few minor setbacks occurred. It was to be expected; the risks were written into their contracts, that some miners would perish during the operations. We also prepared for the inevitable psychological stressors that would present in the wives and children living on the colony. Some of them had never before left their home state, let alone the planet Earth.

Something has changed during the past three weeks however. At first the miners were coming back from their operations, complaining of relentless fatigue, nausea, even momentary loss of vision. Two harvesters collided last week when one of the drivers became blinded. Then the discoloration quickly set in, their skin turning a foul rust color, brittle and flaking off. We’ve lost ten miners this week alone, all with the same symptoms.

It now seems to be spreading inside the facilities, even with the constant use of the decontamination rooms. Lieutenant Brownstone’s wife just lost her vision yesterday and collapsed to the floor, dead within an hour or so. Her body was placed in a quarantine chamber and still awaits autopsy. The speed at which this is now spreading, whatever it is, seems to be on an exponential curve.

After appealing to the Mining Commission today, they still won’t stop operations at this time. I fear, at this point it wouldn’t matter, as we seem to be

GAH! (PS: Sorry for the blinding color combo. What was I thinking? Ouch, it hurts my eyes)

GAH! (PS: Sorry for the blinding color combo. What was I thinking? Ouch, it hurts my eyes)

FYI. While on XP ZoneAlarm is a great program, do NOT put it on your Vista machine unless you are some sort of super-computer pro. Really. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out why my new laptop (which worked beautifully for the first day or two) kept losing the ability to speak to the modem (and therefore the internet), why my downloads kept freezing solid, etc, etc. Turns out that it was all ZoneAlarm. So, in the interest of saving someone else the grief (and the long, pointless conversation with Verizon tech support--they seriously did not understand what I was talking about when I was explaining the problem. "Lady, my computer and my modem are not speaking. I cannot go to verizon.help.whatever. Do you understand me? Computer and modem ARE NO SPEAKY right now!" "Okay, then open your browser and. . ." "Lady, COMPUTER AND MODEM NO SPEAKY! NOOOO SPEEEAAAAKKKYYYYY!!!!"), if your Vista system is not working properly and you have ZoneAlarm, try uninstalling it. Not shutting it down, UNINSTALL.

I have the Windows firewall up now and some through my modem, but I am now in search of a good free program that will work with Vista.

blinds for windows xp

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